Hey! I'm Cole, a

Video Creator, Photographer, & Techie

based in Buffalo, NY.

Producing high-quality content about the tech I'm most passionate about.

Cole Caccamise

About Me.

A passionate and driven creative

Content Creator

You can find me most often creating tech videos on YouTube, but also sharing product shots on Instagram.

My goal with content is to express my creativity as a filmmaker/photographer while also providing informative reviews that hopefully give you a few laughs.

Linked above are all my social platforms, and below is the gear I use to produce everything I share online.

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Web Developer

I'm currently a Computer Science student and front-end developer. I most enjoy building websites like this one.

While coding is mostly a hobby, it allows me to provide a unique perspective when I'm trying out new gadgets.

I plan to pursue more interests in the future such as game development... so stay tuned ;)

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I like to design clean interfaces for web and mobile sites, personal branding material, and wallpapers.

I like to include my design work within my content, as you may have seen my wallpapers that pop up when talking about tech gadgets.

If you want them for yourself, they're available for download here.

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